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My son has been involved with martial arts for years.  When he was 5 years old he began Kung Fu as a way to experience discipline and exercise while also learning about his heritage and culture (he is half Chinese).  He continued on with Kung Fu for 3 years, which is impressive considering he was so young when he began.

About a year and a half ago he began training in Gracie Barra’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques and I am soooo glad he made the decision to begin training in this wonderful form of martial arts.  We are extremely lucky to go to such a wonderful school run by amazing people…it truly feels like we are part of their family.  My daughter loved watching her brother so much that she began Jiu Jitsu training a few months ago.

I have walked past the sign above numerous times and each time a huge smile spreads across my face.  I thought I would share the nutrition guidelines that my children’s Jiu Jitsu school has posted on their wall…makes a vegan proud!  I have never heard them mention vegan diets in their classes before and I know that most if not all of the coaches eat meat, but I have to absolutely respect the nutrition recommendations they are posting.  I love that their recommendations focus on fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes.  Awesome!


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  1. could you imagine if mainstream health guidelines followed such a format? rather than “eat X amount of meat” or “X amount of dairy”… rather, eat vegetables. green ones. and legumes. love it. 🙂

  2. I love it! Yay for veggies.

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