Over the holidays I was gifted a copy of Nava Atlas’s Vegan Holiday Kitchen by my parents and I absolutely love it.  I was recently offered a copy of the book to review and when I mentioned that I already owned it we agreed that it would be wonderful to give a copy to one lucky Veggie Grettie reader.

Nava Atlas is the author and illustrator of many books on vegan and vegetarian cooking, most recently Vegan Holiday Kitchen, Vegan Express, Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons, The Vegetarian Family Cookbookand The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient GourmetA book on leafy greens, Wild About Greenswill be published in June 2012.

I have been given permission to share three of the recipes from Vegan Holiday Kitchen with you…the hardest part was choosing which ones to share!


Click HERE for the printable recipe


Click HERE for the printable recipe


Click HERE for the printable recipe


ASHLEY won the giveaway with the following comment-

I would really appreciate this book because I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus and as a part of keeping myself healthy (as well as my family) I have changed to a vegetarian/vegan diet as it helps keep my symptoms better controlled.

All recipes and images reprinted with permission from Vegan Holiday Kitchen © 2011 by Nava Atlas, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.  Photographs by Susan Voisin


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132 responses to “VEGAN HOLIDAY KITCHEN – Giveaway

  1. Leanne

    I really need this book, so that I can eat the way I need to due to health reasons. I been looking for a recipe book with the kinds of recipes this book offers. Hoping,I’m the deserving winner, Leanne

    • sandi

      Thank you for the three free recipes and beautiful pictures! I need this book because I can’t find the recipe for the maple cream cheese frosting that goes with that cranberry carrot cake!

  2. Marlene

    I would like to win a copy of Vegan Holiday Kitchen as I am always looking for vegan recipes to make on holidays!

  3. mindyanddave

    I’m a fairly new vegetarian and my meals lack the wow-factor needed to entice the rest of my family to get excited about this new adventure. I’d love to become a vegan but until I can get my family on-board it’s proving to be a difficult switch. We all need this as we have diabetes, heart, blood pressure, & cholesterol issues on both sides of our families. I want my daughters (11 & 9) to learn how to eat healthy now so that they don’t struggle with health problems as they grow older. I can’t wait to create some of the yummy meals featured in this cookbook!

  4. Michele R.

    Vegan Holiday Kitchen has been one of the books I most desire to purchase to add to my Vegan cookbook collection. The recipes look phenomenal, and I believe they would be absolutely wonderful for any special occasion for herbivores and omnivores alike!

  5. Gittele

    I am fairly new to healthy eating. All help is appreciated! The taster recipes have tickled my tastebuds (or eyes!) I’d love this book…

  6. Those recipes look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I would love this book! I was a vegetarian and then recently became a vegan a few months ago. I am looking for new recipes to try!!!!!!!

  7. Denise

    I would love a copy of this book. I already eat a vegan diet but I would like to be able to transition my family over. Not only am I concerned about there general health but I am completely against animal abuse. I honestly believe that what matters is the flavor, and if I can create a complete vegan meal that my family wouldn’t consider “boring” then they wouldn’t miss the meat and might be more inclined to eat more vegan meals themselves.

  8. Sirica

    Perfect timing, I have been wanting this cookbook!!! Would love more entertaining meals to make for friends & family. Thanks, Sirica

  9. Susan

    Would love to win as I am a recipe junkie! Is that a good thing or bad? 🙂

  10. Lex S.

    I would love to win this book. I am constantly on the quest for vegan recipes that my omnivore husband and son will love. I need all the help I can get in that department! Thank you!!

  11. OOOhhh I would love to win the Vegan Holiday cookbook. All three of those recipes look fabulous.

  12. These look like fantastic recipes — do you think maybe they will bend the rules a little and let you post the recipe for the cranberry-carrot cake FROSTING?

    • I wished 🙂
      They were actually really generous in that they allowed me to post 3 recipes of my choosing (It was HARD to choose)…usually publishers limit you to 1 recipe of their choosing.
      Best of luck!

  13. Rini

    I would LOVE this cookbook because I want to learn all Ms. Nava Atlas has to teach here! I heard about this book a while ago and have been wanting to get it!

  14. Christie

    I have been a vegan for a little over one year, and am still building my bank of reliable recipes that my non-vegan (partially) family likes as much as I do. I would love to try these recipes on my family and also on guests who are not opposed to trying a vegan meal. Thanks!

  15. Brenda Raetz

    I would like to win Nava Atlas’s Vegan Holiday Kitchen. Thank you

  16. Denise

    I have been eating a vegan diet for nearly 2 years now…I was able to finally get my husband to transition over the past year and now I am working on my son who is 6’4″ and a BIG eater. I need a book of yummy recipes to be able to entice my son into better eating. I also want to be able to once again host dinner parties and hold family functions in my home (like I used to before becoming vegan).

  17. Crystal Wendling

    This book holds many new tasty vegan recipes I can try. I would love to win this book. ^_^

  18. Donna Connelley

    I would simply LOVE to win this wonderful book I because I absolutely adore making wonderful food for my husband and me. I always have the favorite dishes at our Vegan Meetup Potluck events. Winning this book would assuredly keep me on the right track!
    Thanks, Grettie!

  19. Tammy Snedeker

    Out of the 7 people on my family, 6 are either vegan (my daughter and I) or vegetarian (4 other kiddos). My husband recently decided he would stop eating mammals, and I’m hoping that’s the first step to some bigger, kinder, healthier changes in his diet! My parents and sister visit us on Thanksgiving, and have not been convinced that our diet choices are easy to follow or prepare. I would love to be able to show him and the non-vegetarian part of my family that the vegan diet can be beautifully prepared and presented, , as well as delicious!

  20. The corn fritters with the cilantro sauce sounds wonderful! Funny how so many people don’t like cilantro but I LOVE it!

  21. Jennifer

    I would love a chance to win. I am just starting with adapting to vegan foods and am always looking for recipes

  22. have wanted to be vegan since i was mb 20 (27 years ago!). have been a vegetarian since i was 15, but dairy, dammmit dairy, has been my downfall. just read a sad snippet somewhere online about a cow and am going to try again. also just drove through cow territory two weekends ago…kind of feeling like it’s time to be the person that walks her talk, you know? i’m drinking soy milk in my coffee this a.m., omg, if that doesn’t say i’m doing my best, then nothing does! and, the pictures look amazing and yummy!

    • I am so happy you are trying to get off dairy! Hold strong, dairy is truly addictive do to the casomorphins, so there is a reason why it is so hard to break the habit, but it will be one of the BEST things you ever do for your health. Best of luck!

  23. HC

    I would love to have Nava Atlas’ Vegan Holiday Kitchen cookbook! I have a few vegan books but I don’t have any books by Nava Atlas. Her recipes look delish!!

  24. janetq88

    This book looks amazing. Holidays are always the toughest time in our family to whip up good, healthy food. My husband has recently agreed to become a vegetarian and I am hoping to keep him interested and our 3 year old with some delicious recipes. The photos of all the food looks great!

  25. Mary Vezino

    I am a Newbie and this book would be a great start. This book looks and sound like it would be amazing:)

  26. Ashley

    I would really appreciate this book because I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus and as a part of keeping myself healthy (as well as my family) I have changed to a vegetarian/vegan diet as it helps keep my symptoms better controlled.

  27. Dawn Wolf

    I am the one vegan in my house and hoping to get ideas that the family will love as much as I do!

  28. Tracy

    I need to convert my kids to vegan-ism.. I think the way to do it slowly is with these recipes…They look awesome!

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  30. Lisa Dunmore

    I would love to win this. Just recently, my 13 year old niece expressed interest in becoming vegan (I’ve been for 27 years now). I would LOVE to be able to give this book to her to help her at the beginning of her journey. Thank you.

  31. Crystal Creamer

    I love this book! My mom got it for Christmas for me too! It has some amazing recipes.The spring vegetable tart on page 178 is just wonderful! So are the ginger cookies. I would like to win this book for my best friend who is trying to eat more of plant based diet. It would be a wonderful gift for her birthday coming up. She is learning to cook vegan food when she comes over to my house and now wants to cook vegan food.

  32. I would love to enter the contest! Thank you for a great blog and inspiration!

  33. Angie

    I read vegan cookbooks like others read novels. I would love to own this one! I’m always looking for great recipes to serve to guests to show them how delicious plant-based meals can be. The next cookbook sounds awesome too – I’m always looking for ways to get more greens into my family’s diet!

  34. I just decided to go Vegan a little bit ago, and I’m working to build up my recipe collection. I’d love to win!

  35. I’d love to win this book because a recently moved into my first home and am planning on hosting my first family Thanksgiving this year!

  36. Robin Raynor

    I would really like to win this book so that being the only vegan at family gatherings I can fix something with wow factor that the others will help me eat.

  37. Lori

    I’ve been following a vegan diet for a little over a year. My husband just joined and I’d like my two sons to follow! The recipes you shared look delicious. I would love to have this book to add to my vegan kitchen!

  38. I would love to win this cookbook because Ive been a vegetarian for four years as of yesterday and Im working towards being a vegan. I only have 3 veggie cookbooks and would love some more! Also because I just threw my first dinner party, the food was all vegan and it was loved! I need more ideas 😀

  39. Chelsea

    What better time to show your omni family what vegan food is all about than the holidays!?

  40. Sheila

    I would love to win because Nava Atlas’s Vegan Holiday Kitchen because I am new to being a Vegan and I need all of the help I can get.

  41. Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer

    I want to share with my family the great food options you have when eating vegan. They don’t believe me!!! I am using the upcoming season of Lent to demonstrate to my family and friends how great vegan food is and I need to come up with recipes for all 40 days….

    • What a great idea to use Lent as a time to introduce loved ones to vegan food. A lot of people have a hard time imagining never having meat again, but most people would be able to wrap their heads around giving up meat for Lent (afterwhich they will hopefully realize how great they feel w/o meat!).

  42. Rachel Case

    I’m working my way into a vegan/vegetarian way of eating gradually. The more I read and watch documentaries, the more I see that the way I’ve been eating all my life is not the right way. I would love to have this book to further my education.

  43. ginger young

    I would love a copy of this book as I am just learning about healthy cooking and eating and have begun to realize the benefits of a plant based diet and how it will have a positive effect on my families eating. What a great edition this would be on my quest to healthy living. My daughter in law is vegan and highly recommends this. Thanks in advance

  44. Janice

    Would love to receive a copy of the book. My goal is to entertain my non-vegan friends with delicious vegan recipes that are not only yummy, but also healthy. And, when you are dealing with Holiday traditions, it can be a bit tough to make everyone happy.

  45. Ashley

    I would love to win a copy of Vegan Holiday Kitchen because the recipes look AMAZING! 🙂

  46. Gill

    Thank you for making this book available for one of your lucky readers to win. I would enjoy this book as I am almost a vegan and am in the process of going the distance and fully becoming a vegan. It would be terrific to be blessed with this book and having some inspiration and ideas to share how delicious and nourishing vegan food can be with those around me.

  47. Janet M

    Ah, to have another cookbook to help guide me on this incredible lifestyle journey into wonderful plant-based foods, would be a true delight and joy. We have so enjoyed the world of great food that has been opened up to us by people that share their love of good wholesome food with those of us who are navigating the path away from all those animal foods. The wonderful recipes help our taste buds come alive with the taste of real foods. Hope I win!

  48. Suzanna Perrell

    I have been a vegetarian for 16 years, and am a single-mother raising my 4 year old son as a vegetarian. I am trying to wean us both off dairy and eggs, and switch to a vegan diet. This book would be a deliciously practical tool in helping with this switch!

  49. Amy

    I’ve only been a vegetarian for 8 1/2 months and although I love to cook, I need some new ideas! I have 1 of Nava’s books, the 5 ingredient one, and it was a great starting point for me. I’d love to have another! Those corn fritters above sound DELISH! I’m going to give them a try this weekend. Thanks for sharing that recipe!

    • I am making them tonight. I just made the batter and sauce then put it in the fridge so it is ready to go when we get home from all of the after school activities.

      I made them gluten free by replacing the 1/2 cup of regular flour with 1/4 cup of PAN cooked white corn meal and 1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill gfree all purpose flour mix.

      I also plan on serving it with guacamole. Yum!

  50. Gena

    I would love a copy of this book. I have been vegan for 7 months, and I’ve never been happier. I’ve lost 45 pounds, and have had dramatic improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, and overall health and happiness. I would love nothing more than a little help creating wonderful vegan dishes for my extended family around the holiays to help show everyone that it’s still possible to have wonderful, traditional meals without animal products.

  51. Cherie

    I would LOVE to win this cookbook. Nava Atlas is one of my favorites, and I do not have this book. Thank you for the opportunity. 😉

  52. Cherie

    I thank you (and Nava!) for the three recipes. Is it possible to also get the recipe for the frosting for the cranberry-carrot cake? Thanks again. 😉

  53. Amanda Parrish

    I need this book because I have to bring my own food to holiday family gatherings!

  54. Jessica Drake

    I would like to win this book because I’m trying to get my non-veggie friends and my husband on board and I need some fabulous recipes to make for them!!!

  55. Savanna

    I am slowly moving my family to a vegan lifestyle. I’d love more recipes!

  56. Love holiday cooking, definitely interested in this one!

  57. Lynette C.

    I would love to have this cookbook because those recipes look crazy delcious!@! And i’m redoing my cookbooks,out with the old and in with the healthy!

  58. Amy

    I would love to have a copy of Vegan Holiday Kitchen because I got my mom one for Christmas, and couldn’t bring myself to wrap it till the day before because I was oggling all of the recipes! I really wanted to try some of her healthy stuffing options in the Thanksgiving section. Thanks for the give away!

  59. Ashley

    I have been eyeing this book since Christmas…I would LOVE to win!! Thank you so much for the chance.

  60. Anne Ross

    I just became a vegan in October and am having to learn a whole new way of cooking. I really need to have a cookbook that will let me try new dishes that are heart healthy.

  61. Jessica

    I’ve heard so many great things about this cookbook. Mainly, it’s ability to unify a table of both vegans and non-vegans with delicious food – especially around the holidays. The big holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Passover, Easter etc. – are always the hardest when everyone sits around a common table brought together by their family ties and love, but not always their love of the same food. The comments that I have heard are that The Vegan Holiday Kitchen, makes these events a smash for all food-types. I’d love to bring that into Easter 2012.

  62. I love the Vegkitchen site and have been using a lot of the recipes. More resources to continue to educate myself on vegan cooking would be helpful. Thanks for doing a giveaway of the book!

  63. Therese Archer

    I have one Nava Atlas cookbooks “Vegan Express” and would love to add the Holiday cookbook to expand my vegan repertoire of meals.

  64. Lisa

    I can never have too many vegan cookbooks. The recipes look wonderful- can’t wait to try those posted.

  65. katie

    I would love to win Neva Atlas’s Vegan Holiday Kitchen!!! My family and I just started on our vegan lifestyle and, since it’s still new, I’ve struggled a bit on what to cook. I know this will help!! Pick me! 🙂

  66. Jesse

    I have been a vegan for over 5 years and have recently been throwing myself completely into cooking in order to revive my commitment. This book would be a wonderful addition to my growing collection!

  67. Lanka

    If I am gifted the Vegan Holiday Kitchen, I promise to use the recipes for good and to eventually gift it to someone struggling/aspiring to go vegan 🙂 Thank ya and have a happy Meatless Monday!

  68. ATL Cook

    I would like a copy of the vegan cookbook. I’m allergic to a lot of foods and most of your recipes work for me. The Sheapard Pie looks good. I made one recently and covered it with sautéed kale. Too many carbs to use potatoes.

    A greens cookbook sounds interesting. I might grow something new after reading the book. I hope I win. April 01 is garden planting time.

  69. Martha

    I would LOVE a copy of this book! The recipes look delicious. I’ve been vegan since last summer and I’m always looking for new and different recipes.

  70. i’d love to win this cookbook because i am always in charge of making the vegans in my family(myself included) holiday dinners. i’d love a book of ideas!

  71. Legolandpenguin

    I want to win a copy of the book because a. I love Nava Atlas’ books. (I’m also really looking forward to her book about greens coming out soon.) b. All the recipes I’ve seen for it look delicious and c. I’m a sucker for pretty cookbooks, and Susan Voisin’s photography looks so beautiful.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. This would be a perfect way for me to contribute more fully to my family’s holiday meals! As a new(ish) vegan, I’m still kind of learning the ropes. I’m always looking for more resources to make the transition easier. Plus everything looks delicious!

  73. Carolyn Distin

    Being vegetarian for 30 years and an avoider of leather goods or other animal-based products, this book would help me to transition to being a complete vegan, which is one of my goals. My passion is to help protect all animals from pain and suffering and in doing so not to consume, purchase or wear anything that has caused any harm to an animal. It would be an honor to prepare any of the recipes in Nava Atlas’s Vegan Holiday Kitchen cookbook.

  74. heather

    i would love to receive this book to be able to make some new recipes in my new place!

  75. carolyn g

    We watched Forks Over Knives and are changing our eating habits and I need to learn how to make vegan or vegetarian food

  76. Sarah

    The author always finds great ways to make a healthy meal and that is something I always look for! Thanks for hosting!

  77. Gretchen Hintz

    I would love to win because I have just become a grandmother about a year ago and have a second grandchild on the way. Over the past year I have been trying to eat better and better each week I am always looking for heathly food I can fix for myself and my grand daughter. She loves veggies so I need help….. I watch all the cooking shows that promote healthy eating. Thanks for considering me……

  78. Lori

    I’m a new vegan and would love to win the cookbook to help jumpstart my transition!

  79. Andrea M

    Oh my word those recipes look outstanding! I would like this cookbook because I am not trying to cook differently for my husband. We are healthy eaters, but due to health issues I need to alter our diets even more.

  80. This book looks fantastic, and I’m sure all the recipes in it are delicious. I would love to add it to my arsenal.

  81. Mona

    I wonder what this Nava Atlas tastes like,. . . :d

  82. Marlene

    I would like to win a copy of cookbook as the recipes look delicious and I am always looking for new vegan recipes to make holidays special for family and friends!

  83. Shannon Thevegan

    I would love to win this cookbook because I use my cookbooks to help other people become vegan or who have questions like what do vegans eat? I lend the out or give them away. So that is what this would be used for if I win.

  84. Janet

    I am the worst cook ever! I seriously only use my microwave and poor hubs has to cook everything. The problem with this is that my husband eats meat and I do not. I must learn to put together some good meals for both of us that will NEVER include meat ever!

  85. cindy buteyn

    I think the recipes look delicious and it looks like a beautiful book.

  86. Sheila Chaffins

    I would love to win this cookbook. I recently became a vegetarian and I would love some good recipes.

  87. Tatiana Torres

    I can´t participate in the giveaway, because I live in Colombia, but I wanted to thank you for the free recipes. The cranberry- carrot cake looks amazing. I will be giving it a try this week. Thanks a lot!

  88. HC

    I would love a copy of Nava Atlas’s Vegan Holiday Kitchen! Her recipes look so delish!!

  89. I would love to win “Vegan Holiday Kitchen” because I’ve only been 100% vegan since February 1st and I know that the next few holidays with my family are going to be tough due to their “meat and potatoes” lifestyle. It would be great if I could bring something delicious to our gathering to show them that having a compassionate diet can also be tasty and healthy!

  90. Jennifer

    I want more delectable recipes like that lentil and Shepard’s Pie!

  91. Mia

    To expand my cooking skills to a whole new level! This would be perfect to add to my growing collection of vegan cookbooks and to try new recipes that will show everyone how amazing veganism really is!

  92. Gretchen Jasek-Chin

    I’m a new vegan and I really need some good recipes!

  93. Giovanni Haertel

    I love this cookbook because it features such beautiful photography-it inspires me to cook!

  94. I’d love to win this book so that I can convince my family that eating fewer animal products can still be delicious!

  95. Sarah

    Would love to win, so I can show my meat-eating family (whom I mostly see during the holidays) that vegan eating can be delicious, too!

  96. Phoenix

    I’m always looking for good vegan recipes. The photos look wonderful!

  97. Beth

    I would love this book! For any sort of gathering I’m invited to, I never assume that there will be something there I can eat. I love making delicious vegan recipes to share with everyone. It’s delicious and it helps show people how amazing veganism is 🙂

  98. Marragirl

    As a newly converted vegan I’m always looking for new recipes to incorporate into my new found love of veganism. I would love to win this cookbook! I love to cook and entertain and know it would impress friends, family and my sweetie with yummy vegan eats from is cookbook!

  99. Love learning to cook new vegan recipes and this cookbook looks awesome!

  100. Cassie Wagner

    I want this book soooo bad! It looks awesome! I love looking at new recipes and getting new ideas on how to mix together different foods and spices! Cooking is my passion! I could cook all day! I’m only 16, but my dream is to open up my own sustainable vegan cafe and wellness center when I’m older! : )

  101. Jill Hutchins

    I am the only vegan in my would be wonderful to present some holiday worthy vegan dishes to my family to get them excited about changing their lifestyles….

  102. Laura

    I would love to win this copy so that I have an idea to cook vegan meals during holiday’s. I’m a new vegan, so I wouldn’t know what to cook during the holiday’s.

  103. nik

    I’d like to win so I can gift this to my uncle who is an amazing host for the holiday get-togethers and always loves new inspiring vegan recipes. Many thanks!

  104. Ciara

    I want to make some awesome recipes next holiday season to make my non-vegan family believers!

  105. Jamie

    I could definately use a cookbook like this! Plus, I never win anything !)

  106. Michelle C.

    I would LOVE to win this cookbook! I’ve heard/read so many glowing reviews, and it’s been on my Amazon wish list for quite awhile. I tend to get stuck in a rut, eating the same things all the time, so I’d love a new cookbook to help break me out of that : )

  107. I would love to win this book! looks amazing!

  108. Diane C

    The recipes look delicious and not just for holidays.

  109. Christine Perez

    My 16 year old daughter has recently made the decision to become vegan. I support her in this and will be adopting a vegan lifestyle as well. We bothI need to learn what to cook and this would be perfect for us to create delicious foods that are healthy too!

  110. Samantha

    Many, if not all, holidays are centered around food. Every holiday I find myself struggling to make a complete mind-blowing vegan meal to share with my friends and loved ones. I always love having the opportunity to show people how great vegan food can be, and the holidays are the perfect time to share!

  111. Chrissy

    I would love a copy of Nava Atlas’ Vegan Holiday kitchen so that I can turn Everyday into a holiday via yummy vegan cooking!!!

  112. Tracy L

    I would love to win this book because I’ve been kicking the processed vegan foods and am now making my own. I would love to cook the recipes in this book!

  113. Mary Lynn

    I would love to win because it looks amazing!!!

  114. I’m new to full-vegan cooking (but longtime veg) and need to find some great “fancy” vegan entertaining dishes. This sounds perfect!

  115. This book looks amazing! I would love to win a copy because I am a homeschooling momma of two very wonderful girls and we are learning about the health benefits of being vegan together. My girls and I would have gobs of fun in the kitchen preparing these yummy recipes.

  116. Linda

    I would love and really appreciate to win this book in order to use this amazing recipes for bake/food sales for a good cause. I am a student and also love to cook and bake with my friends and show them how wonderful and fullfilling it is to eat a vegan diet. That’s what our society needs! For health, love and spirituality! Food is your medicine and you are what you eat. So what can be better to be with beloved friends and family and enjoy meals that are healthy and full of love and respect for this planet we share. And also bringing this food to the world and creating a shift in consciousness. Even the smallest seed we sow will have an effect.
    Thanks and have a beautiful day!
    Be extraordinary!

  117. Kimberly Chickinelli

    I am just starting the Vegan lifestyle and this would really help me in this journey. I have health issues that will definately be helped by making this change to not only my life but my family’s.

  118. carol sonderegger

    i have a copy of the vegetarian 5 ingredient gourmet and it is a great cookbook. i use it often. would love to have another bookbook of nava atlas.

  119. I would like to win so that I can cook some amazing holiday food for my family. They are skeptics about being vegan and showing them it’s delicious is the best way to show them you don’t need to cook with animal products.

  120. Susan Eagan

    I would LOVE a copy of Vegan Holiday Kitchen! My husband and I are new vegans and need all the help we can get! Thank you, for the opportunity to win!

  121. Lori Day

    I would like to win this book so that I can take a yummy vegan dish to a holiday gathering of my non-vegan family. Then maybe they would be more supportive.

  122. Jessica Caneal

    I would love to win a copy of this because because it is always great to have recipes on hand that are suitable for entertaining both vegans and omnivores!

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