Happy Monday!  I hope you are enjoying some time off of work and or school.  I am feeling great post-cleanse.  Last night we went to dinner at my favorite Peruvian restaurant and I had the Saltado de Vegetales with brown rice…yum!

The sandwich I made for lunch today was sooooooo good.  I used whole wheat bread.  While Veggie Grettie’s recipes are gluten free, I personally do have wheat from time to time since I am not officially gluten intolerant.  I do notice that I get a stomachache if I have wheat very often, so I limit my consumption of it and have it maybe once a month.

My sandwich included, pickles, pea shoots, red onion, cucumber, tomato, spicy mustard, and a tiny bit of Vegenaise.  So good!

What is your go-to vegan sandwich???


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9 responses to “POST CLEANSE LUNCH

  1. Well, shoot! I think it’s going to be this from now on. 🙂

  2. With pickles! Yum! Fave sammy=hummus, red peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and vinegarette spread on an everything bagel. Hits the spot.

  3. This looks delish! Love the new look of the site too – great header!
    Amanda xxx

  4. That sandwich looks amazing! Thanks for inspiring me to do the cleanse, Gretchen! The site looks awesome too!

  5. You are making me hungry! I’m a lazy lunch maker, but I could probably make that sandwich 🙂

  6. melissa

    One my favorites is: spinach, tomato, purple onion, cucumber, black olive and a little vegenaise on toastedwhole grain wheat, sometimes I add a slice of veggie slice cheese , it is amazing!!

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