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RUSSELL JAMES eBOOKS – Pay What You Can Afford

My friend Sirica just sent me an e-mail letting me know that The Raw Chef, Russell James, is now offering his eBooks on a “pay what you can afford” basis.  What a great idea.  I have his Raw Nut Cheese eBook and love it.  You can bet I am going to buy the rest.  I have re-copied his post about it below…

I’m releasing my inner-hippy.

And it feels good…

I was recently inspired by Tad Hargraves of marketingforhippies.com to think about offering my eBooks on a ‘pay what you can afford’ system.

When I asked, on my Facebook page, if you thought it was a good idea I was really energised by the positive comments on there.

And I know that when I get that physical feeling – that unmistakable energy in my body – it’s something that excites me and is something that I explore further.

Someone then suggested I check out Brian Johnson’s website as he does exactly the same thing. I wrote to Brian and said that I felt inspired to follow his example, and here we are…I’m now offering a sliding scale pricing for my eBooks.

The idea is this…

I want to create community, so that the people that can afford to pay the full price do, and if cash is tight someone who really wants to get my recipes can pay a lower price – still getting to change the lives of themselves and their families.

I’m also fascinated by this idea of ‘paying it forward’.

I told you I was releasing my inner-hippy 🙂

My sense was that the system would even itself out if I put my trust in anyone who visits my website. And also put my trust in the universal laws of energy exchange.

To my delight it seems to be working out perfectly. The best thing is that I get nice comments on orders too, from people saying that they can now afford something that was previously unavailable to them.

Some people have even written to me to say they paid the lower price and will pay ‘the rest’ when they can afford to. That’s not what I want. Even when you pay the lowest price you’re good to go. Feeling like you owe me anything is the opposite of where I want our exchange to be.

All the while people that can afford to pay full price are actually doing that.

Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I offer the full set at a big discount than it would be to buy them all separately, which is my way of paying it forward so that someone paying full price gets a great deal. I honestly believe they’re worth that top price.

Then there’s 2 more price points below that which allow someone to choose a level that matches his or her means and resources.

It’s an honour to be in a position to be able to build a business this way and be part of all this good energy exchange.

It’s one sexy Universe out there.

I shot a little video on my eBook page where I talk about this at my current favourite place to get out in nature.

Click here to take a look.

If you want to see how neat nature is, check this out.

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