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Detoxification and its dangers

Detoxification has been highly publicized in recent times and with right reasons. The amount of toxicity in human body has been multiplying because of a number of factors in recent times. The human body today is exposed to a lot of toxins because of the food consumed, consumer products used, and pollution. Any given person these days carries about 300 toxic chemicals in the body on an average. Each chemical can cause dangerous diseases such as cancer and liver damage.

Water and its role in detoxification

Though there are a number of natural detoxification methods available, pure water is still reckoned among the best detoxification agents. Contrary to what many people might observe, water detoxification is an amazingly simple and inexpensive process. It is safe and at the same time, highly effective. All you need to do is to drink plenty of water every day.

Benefits of detoxification with water

  • Water facilitates the drainage of numerous toxin products from your body by diluting them.
  • Water helps you to maintain normal body temperature.
  • Water keeps your joints in good shape by providing them right lubrication.
  • Water keeps you healthy and energetic by transporting essential nutrients, chemical substances and hormones throughout your body.
  • Water clears excessive fat from your bloodstreams.
  • Water protects your spinal cord from sudden and strong impacts by cushioning it with adequate fluids.
  • Water provides your brain with essential fluids.

Risks of a dehydrated body

If you do not drink sufficient water, your body cells extract water from the bloodstream. The bloodstream therefore is unable to perform its functions and this can put immense pressure on the heart.

Dehydration prevents your kidneys from purifying the blood properly. When the kidney does not function properly, the liver and other important organs share the functions. Naturally, your body is severely stressed when almost none of its organs functions properly. You may experience mild to severe headache, constipation, acne, itchy and dry skin, common cold and sneezing when you are not adequately hydrated.

Steps to perform water detoxification

The following simple and yet inexpensive steps can help you detoxify your body remarkably:

  • Drink at least two liters of water every day. The theory that you should drink only when thirsty is not exactly going to help you detoxify your body. Your body needs a minimum amount of water every day, regardless of your physical activity profile or thirst.
  • Water fast is a widely popular detoxification method, but one that needs to be done under doctor’s supervision. Water fasting requires that you drink only water for a few days and do not consume any other food at all. The duration depends on a number of factors such as your current health condition and doctoral advice. One should not jump into water fast right away – prepare your body for a few days for the fast by taking fruit juices and light food. You must also make sure that you are drinking pure and filtered water. Your body may react strangely in the first few days, which is why it is important to do the fast under a doctor’s care.
  • Sweat baths (aka saunas) are also known to be effective methods to detoxify your body. Sweating can flush out the toxins from your body through the pores of your body. Sweat baths are ancient detoxification method and practiced in such countries as Turkey, Russia, and Japan.

Let me emphasize that in order to embark on water fast or sweat bath, you should first consult your doctor or a detoxification expert. Though these are widely popular and highly acclaimed methods, you still need to know about the exact duration of water fast and any possible precautions you may need to take.

These factors notwithstanding, drinking water still remains the most effective and safest detoxification method.

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About the author: By profession, Amanda Kidd is a blogger and writer. Being a health buff she herself follows a healthy lifestyle. Recently her interest has grown in the various measures to improve skin health.


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