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My friend, Andy (check out her clothing website HERE), is on the Board of the charity Hope for SMA.  They held a sold-out fundraising dinner in May at Franciscan Gardens where they also held a silent auction.

I was able to put together a Vegan Gift Basket to donate to the auction and was bowled-over by the generosity of the companies I contacted to donate.  The response was overwhelming and humbling…I feel honored to work with so many wonderful vegan friendly companies!

Here is what was donated to the basket:

  • 10 Teatulia Organic Tea Canisters ($10.99 each) – $109.90
  • 6 MEALS to Veggie Grill – OVER $60.00
  • Musewear Flip Flops & Voucher for ANOTHER free pair!!! – $60.00
  • So Delicious coupons, 2 FREE Vouchers, & 3 singles – $30.00
  • Plant Fusion Vegan Protein Powder Canister & 3 Singles – $28.00
  • $25.00 Voucher to VeganCuts (online discount vegan product retailer) – $25.00
  • Nava Atlas’s VEGAN HOLIDAY KITCHEN cookbook – $24.95
  • SIGNED COPY Garlic Onion Beet Spinach Mango Carrot Grapefruit Juice (Vegan Children’s Book) – $20.00
  • Healthy Made Delicious DVD – $24.97
  • Chef AJ’s UNPROCESSED – $19.95
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition by Julieanna Hever – $19. 95
  • EnviroKidz Koala Crisp & Panda Puffs (donated by me) – $11.98
  • 2 Theo Chocolate Bars (donated by me) – $8.00
  • The China Project (donated by me) – $8.00
  • The Shopping List Bag (donated by me) – $5.00

TOTAL – $450.70

When you go to the store, please consider supporting these wonderful companies…


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Great T-Shirt

Great T-Shirt

I came across this fun t-shirt a few weeks ago and ordered one for myself.  What a great walking advertisement for healthful eating!

Since the women’s shirt is fitted, I wore it to my last yoga class at Yoga Works and didn’t have any issues with it riding-up during my downward dogs (It drives me crazy when that happens).

To purchase this T-Shirt click here.

While we are on the subject of clothing, I thought I’d share one of my favorite workout pants.  I have quite a few pairs of Hard Tail yoga pants ($58.00) and find that my T-Party pants are very comparable and a FRACTION of the cost at $25.00 (they come in 15 colors).  To shop for T-Party yoga pants click here.


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