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PRODUCT REVIEW – Dr. McDougall’s Asian Entr√©e Cups

I have been reading Dr. McDougall’s books since high school. ¬†When I was doing my coursework through Cornell one of the Guest Lecturers was Dr. McDougall and I thoroughly enjoyed his lecture. ¬†I have the utmost respect for Dr. McDougall and all the work he has done as a pioneer in the arena of nutrition-based medicine.

I was recently given the opportunity to sample four of Dr. McDougall’s¬†Asian Entr√©e Cups¬†which are all vegan and non-GMO. ¬†I guess I should amend that…I was almost NOT given the opportunity to sample¬†Dr. McDougall’s¬†Asian Entr√©es because when they came in the mail I brought them in, took a quick picture of the package, and went upstairs to fold a load of laundry. ¬†When I came downstairs my family had already cooked half of them and I barely got a bite before they were gone! ¬†There is just something about Cup-O-Noodle type meals that everyone loves (brings me back to my swim team days!). ¬†I am glad to say that we did all love them. ¬†Thankfully one of the noodle cups was Pad Thai (rice based noodles) and completely gluten free, so my daughter was able to participate in the taste test as well.

When I examined the nutrition information for the noodle cups I was impressed in all areas with the exception of sodium. ¬† Cup-O-Noodle type soups are notorious for having outrageously high sodium levels (most Cup-O-Noodles average about 1500mg per serving!!!). ¬†The sodium content in Dr. McDougall’s Asian¬†Entr√©es pales in comparison, yet it is still too high at around 480-590. ¬†There is a very simple solution to the sodium issue; only use half of the flavor packet.

Overall we really liked the soups.  The flavors were great, the calories were low (all in the low 200s), and the fat was low!  According to the manufacturer:

“Our secret to creating a healthy alternative is to use noodles that are baked, not fried, and to use ground nuts for fat instead of oil.”

“Reflecting the brand’s longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility, Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods Asian Entr√©es come in paper-based, BPA-free packaging exclusively sourced from certified sustainably managed forests.”

I would definitely keep these noodle cups in the pantry for quick meals.

For more information about Dr. McDougall and his clinic in Santa Rosa click here.


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