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Mediterranean Snack Foods¬†recently sent me some of their Baked Lentil Chips to try. ¬†After sampling the three varieties they sent, I sat down at my computer to type my review and brought along the Sea Salt variety and some hummus to snack on as I type (that’s a good sign).

While the sodium content is higher than I’d like, it pails in comparison to many of the “healthy” snack cracker/chips on the market today. ¬†Since the chips are made primarily from a bean flour mix (lentils, garbanzo, and adzuki beans), ¬†I expected the chips to be dense, however the more closely resemble a popped chip vs. what we have come to know a baked chip to be. ¬†They are light and airy, yet they stand-up to dips very well without breaking.

I liked all 3 flavors, but if pressed I would have to say that I rank them in this order:

  1. Cracked Pepper (surprisingly good and best eaten without a dip in my opinion)
  2. Sea Salt (great with hummus)
  3. Rosemary

Seeing as I literally ate the whole bag (I considered it lunch), I would say that they have underestimated the serving size since a bag is supposed to contain 4.5 servings.

For those of you interested in the nutrition information:

Nutrition Info (Sea Salt)
Nutrition Info (Rosemary)
Nutrition Info (Cracked Pepper)

Mediterranean Snack Foods does offer other flavors of Lentil Chips, however they contain dairy…so be sure to read the labels.

Have any of you tried these yet?  What did you think?


Image courtesy of Mediterranean Snack Foods.


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