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If you haven’t yet heard of the blog Peas and Thank You, you will soon. ¬†I am a big fan. ¬†We are all in luck because Sarah Matheny,¬†otherwise known as ¬†Mama Pea,¬†has just come out with her first cookbook. ¬†Be prepared to be fed well and entertained along the way. ¬†Her stories about life with her husband and two girls are hilarious and so¬†relate-able!

The recipes I have tried from her blog and now her cookbook are really good. ¬†I made Sarah’s Teriyaki Tofu for dinner tonight and it was so good. ¬†In the recipe she suggests marinating the tofu for at least 30 minutes or overnight, but do to poor planning on my part I ended-up marinating it for 48 hours and the results were awesome!

I had never actually baked tofu before (how is that possible?) and I will definitely be doing it more often because we gobbled it all up…There wasn’t even one piece of tofu left-over.

My daughter actually threw a fit when she found out there wasn’t any tofu left! ¬†The baked tofu tasted so much like fried tofu, so there really isn’t any excuse for ever frying tofu.

My son even made one of the recipes from the cookbook today completely by himself. ¬†He chose to make the Lime Tahini Sauce and did a really good job…I plan on using it on my steamed kale tomorrow for lunch.

My daughter was dying to help him, but he insisted that he wanted to do it all alone. ¬†Never fear…she has plenty of opportunities to help out in the kitchen and cook with mommy. ¬†She is also a¬†dish washing expert and begs me to let her wash dishes (I wonder how much longer that is going to last???).

I hope you all rush out to buy this book in support of Peas and Thank You…you will be glad that you did.

Click here to buy the book.


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