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NO EGGS – How to Substitute

I consider myself¬†a plant based eater and 99.9% vegan, however¬†I do eat eggs about once a month and honey will cross my lips on occasion…those are the ONLY exceptions.¬† While I no longer have them, I¬†used to be the¬†proud¬†caretaker of two very sweet chickens and I know that while with my family they led happy lives (and continue to do so on a farm with our friends) and were not being mistreated or exploited for their eggs.¬† My husband used to joke that we had the best fed and well taken care of chickens he could imagine…I would¬†make their¬†food (no buying prepared chicken food for me), and see to it that they¬†got all of the good mango¬†scraps, etc.¬†Seeing as we did not have a rooster, the eggs were never destined to become baby chicks.

I believe it was this situation that made my daughter fall in love with eating eggs.  Fortunately for her health we learned that eggs do not love her.  It was this that forced me to find appropriate substitutes for eggs in her diet.

I know many of you are looking for appropriate egg substitutes.  Eggs are generally used either in baking or for eating straight-up.  Different substitutes work for different applications.



Scrambled Eggs Crumbled firm tofu
Eggs for Quiche Regular or firm tofu
Egg Whites 1 egg white = 1 Tbs plain agar powder with 1 tbsp water. Whip together, chill and whip again
Baking Energ Egg Replacer (directions on box)
  Flax eggs:1 egg = 1 Tbs. flax meal mixed w/3 Tbs. warm waterLet sit for approx. 8-10 minutes to thicken
  Salba meal: same directions
  Chia meal: same directions
¬† 1 egg = ¬ľ cup of mashed banana or applesauce
¬† 1 egg = ¬ľ cup blended silken tofu
¬† 1 egg = ¬ľ cup non-dairy yogurt
For Loafs ‚Äď need binding agent Bread crumbs, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, tomato paste ‚Äď start with ¬ľ cup per egg and work from there.¬† You will need to play with the amount until you reach the right consistency

 Additional egg substitutes available by clicking here.

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