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Matt Frazier has been a Guest Blogger on Veggie Grettie (click here for his post), so many of you may have had the chance to check out his website, the No Meat Athlete.  Matt has some many great tips when it comes to being a vegan athlete.

No Meat Athlete T-shirts have taken on a cult following and lucky for us Matt recently introduced new and improved Anvil Sustainable No Meat Athlete T-Shirts (I have already ordered mine!).  When they say sustainable, they mean:

1. They’re made with 50% recycled polyester from plastic bottles, 50% transitional organic cotton (“transitional” means it’s from smaller farms that are going organic but are not yet certified). We like to think of them as our version of the Green Silence. Except they’re not shoes.
2. They’re softer than any other NMA shirt, and have a very retro, “heathered” look and feel to them.
3. They come in fun colors. For men: light green, grey, and natural. For women: light green, natural and — by far our most popular at the show — purple!

I thought you might like to check them out.   For more information about the shirts and to order click here.

Image courtesy of NoMeatAthlete.com 


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