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I am running a special for Cyber Monday

Buy any of my 12 week programs and you will get 2 MORE weeks FREE!!! 14 weeks for the price of 12.

But any of my 20 week Reverse Diet programs and get 4 MORE weeks FREE!!!  24 weeks for the price of 20.

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2 responses to “CYBER MONDAY DEAL – Today ONLY

  1. Erica Gamecho

    I just wanted to let you know that your blog regarding your Rhabdo experience could have saved my husband from a long recovery or possibly saved his life! My husband and I workout at a great gym with organized group workouts for endurance and strength fitness. On Tuesday he did a workout with a bunch of curls and chin-ups. Something he has done 100 times. That night he was laughing at his “T-Rex” arms. We both thought he should go back and workout on Wednesday morning to get things loosened up. It didn’t work. His arms became more tight and started to swell. They almost looked flexed all the time. He just thought they were cramps so he began to focus on hydrating and skipped the next 2 workouts. On Friday morning I mentioned to the gym owner how sore my husband is. He immediately got concerned thinking it was early signs of Rhabdo. Honestly we thought he was overreacting and that it was just muscle cramps because his urine was normal and the workout on Tuesday was not that strenuous. That afternoon he texted us a link to your blog. My husbands symptoms were exactly in line with yours. I was convinced that it was worth getting checked out. After his night shift Saturday morning at 1am (with a lot of pushing) I got him to go to the ER. The doc also thought that it was just cramps but tested his blood anyway to “make your wife happy”… Results CK LEVEL 79,371!! But fortunately he got here before damage was done to his Kidneys. He is projected to be released from the hospital on Tuesday. Fingers crossed! Thank you thank you!!

    Thank you so much for going into the details you did!! We would have waited a few more days for more signs before making a move. His recovery would have been a whole different story!

    • Erica,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I am SO glad he went in and happy that my blog was some help. It is scary to think what could have happened had he waited.

      I am sure your hubby is loving the IVS…sometimes we don’t know how bad we feel until we start to feel better.

      Hang in there and make sure he takes it easy.


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