ASK GRETTIE – High Speed Blender vs. Juicer

I thought I would share with you one of my Chic Vegan “Ask Grettie” columns…

So, after catching my second sore throat/cold/whatever in a month I am starting to think that I need to add something to my diet and am ready to take the plunge and start juicing.  I did a bit of research and found two options, a juicer or a Vitamix.  A friend of mine really is pushing the Vitamix for two reasons:  you keep the fiber and you can add things that you can’t really juice like kale, etc. and get more out of it.  Thoughts?


Hi Alison,

I am so sorry to hear that you have been sick so much, but I applaud you for wanting to take steps to strengthen your immune system through nutrition.

I see tremendous value in both juicers and high speed blenders.  Both products serve different needs, though both are great tools for you to use to boost your immune system.

It is true that with a Vitamix you retain the fiber and that is very beneficial for the digestive tract.  I use my Vitamix every single day of the week to make green smoothies.  A high speed blender makes it so easy to add veggies to a smoothie while pulverizing them into a smooth drink.  My Vitamix is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  It does need to be said that a high speed blender can be used to make juice, albeit with a bit more work.  To make juice with a high speed blender, you would essentially make a smoothie and then strain it through a nut milk bag.  A Vitamix is very diverse and can be used to make everything from soups to dressings and raw desserts (ice cream, cheesecake, etc.).

Juicing is a wonderful way to support the immune system since juicers strip the fiber from the plant resulting in a tall glass of nutrients.  Since there is no fiber in the juice, the nutrients are immediately available and do not require much digestion.

With regards to kale and juicing, I add kale to my juicer all the time!  Juicers usually have at least two speeds and one of them is optimum for juicing kale and other leafy greens (Read the insert that comes with your juicer for specific instructions).  When I make a kale salad I strip the kale from the stem and keep the kale stems in the fridge to use in my juice the next day.  I also keep the broccoli hearts to do the same (if I am too lazy to peel them and use them in my cooking).

It is a tough decision whether to go with a high speed blender or a juicer, but I do see real value in both.  Since your immediate goal is to strengthen your immune system, I would suggest that the juicer is the way to go initially because of the maximum nutrient load you will get from veggie juice.  Juicers are also available within a wide price range.  Costco usually carries a decent juicer at a very reasonable price.  High speed blenders tend to be on the expensive side, but also available at Costco on occasion.  Either way you won’t go wrong.

Here’s to health!



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5 responses to “ASK GRETTIE – High Speed Blender vs. Juicer

  1. Grettie,
    Thanks for posting that. I’ve been debating the same thing, at the moment just using my regular blender for smoothies.
    Also a friend was saying smoothies give her indigestion so I wonder if the vitamix’s mixing action breaks the fiber down more or if juicing is the way to go.

  2. It’s really a tough choice, although I’d say that if you already have some sort of decent blender, get a juicer first and a VitaMix second. Both are so amazing. Gretchen, I do the same thing with my kale stems by the way!

  3. I think that neither blending nor juicing is necessarily “better” than the other; They’re both good, and good in their own unique ways. It’s all about balance, right? So juice one day, blend the next, and you’ll get all the nutrients you need. 🙂

    • I so agree Hannah. I love my Vitamix and also really like my juicer. I think you get benefits from both.

      As Angela mentioned, cleaning the juicer can be a pain. Cleaning the Vitamix is a snap!

      I tend to go through phases where I juice more or drink smoothies more.

  4. I’ve had a juicer for a few years. I love fresh juice, but to be honest it’s a bit of a pain to clean so I don’t use it every day. I got a Vitamix for Christmas (best present ever!) and I use it all the time. I love how quick and easy it is to make a smoothie and clean. Both appliances are worth their space in the kitchen!

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