HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! In a few days Veggie Grettie will be celebrating it’s one year anniversary.  I really love what I do and want to thank all of you for your support and comments.  Here’s to an amazing 2012…I can’t wait to see how Veggie Grettie unfolds in the next year.

For those of you who will be imbibing tonight I thought I would pass on some great information from two of my favorite sites. Click on the images below to be forwarded to their tips.

Have a really fun night!


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5 responses to “HANGOVER HELP

  1. i’m so excited to click on the KIND site. already a huge fan of goop. my friend jessica wrote about KIND bars in her entry of today. check it out for an ultimate scoop of kindness! http://www.almostovernow.com/2011/12/saturday-review-kind-bars.html. AND, congrats on your one year. :):):) happy new year! xxx

  2. A great idea!! Have a great New Year’s!

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