My husband and I have found a great taco joint that we both are really excited about.  I first heard about Taco Asylum at The Camp in Costa Mesa (also where 118 Degrees is located) through AAA’s Westways Magazine.  I have found so many of my favorite restaurants through this publication.

In their own words, Taco Asylum…

Specializes in non-traditional gourmet tacos, Taco Asylum pulls from a wide array of global cuisines, showcasing interesting ingredients ranging from Mediterranean-style grilled octopus to East Indian-style curried paneer.

Le Cordon Bleu trained Executive Chef Greg Daniels (from Haven Gastropub) has carefully thought out and uniquely constructed 9 taco offerings, each with a distinct flavor profile, ingredients, and accompaniments. Our own unique tortillas, marinades and sauces are made in-house and from-scratch, using only the freshest ingredients, sustainable meats and seafood, and products from local farms and vendors wherever possible.

We decided to give Taco Asylum a try about a month ago and went back again this past weekend for some more awesome tacos.  Taco Asylum currently offers only one vegan taco (and one vegetarian), but man it is good.  The vegan taco is a made with wild mushrooms, a chickpea puree, parsley salad, and topped with fried chickpeas.  The first time we tried this restaurant they did not offer beans and rice, but they have since added it to the menu.  I ordered two wild mushroom tacos with beans and rice and it was the perfect amount of food.  I was pleasantly surprised when the plate came out and the beans (I asked for no cheese topping the beans) were lentils and they were so tasty.  I would have liked to have the “rice” be rice, but it was Israeli couscous which tasted great, but I do prefer the whole-food benefits from rice (Israeli couscous is actually pasta).

I am sure I will be going back many, many more times, but would love to see another vegan offering on the menu!!!

Restaurant images courtesy of taco asylum.com

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