Suffocating Beans
Suffocating Beans

I have a problem…

Some people have a show addiction, some people have a substance addiction, I have a pantry and freezer stockpiling issue.  I think I could run a neighborhood bomb shelter for an entire month and we would all eat like kings and queens!!!  I am putting myself into rehab.  I have now made the commitment to ONLY BUY PRODUCE, BREAD, or DAIRY ALTERNATIVES for the next month.  Yikes!  Putting my goal out there in the cosmos is going to help me stay accountable. 

I took a trip to Mother’s Market today (where my husband likes to say I am amongst “my people.”) and I have to be honest, I actually had to put three things back on the shelves.  My daughter who has a gluten allergy ran out of her box of flavored gluten free (GF) oatmeal, so I absent mindedly put its replacement in the cart.  I had to stop myself and realize, “Nope, Gretchen you have plain old GF oatmeal at home.”  I am perfectly capable of flavoring plain old oatmeal for her.  My second boo boo came when I saw some vegan hamburger patties I just read about in Kris Carr’s new book (more on that later this month) and again, they went into the cart.  Ugh…back onto the freezer shelf they went.

So, here goes.  Here are the pictures of my pantry:   

More Clutter
More Clutter
More and More
More and More

And my freezers:

Kitchen Freezer
Kitchen Freezer
Outside Freezer
Outside Freezer

I’ll check back at the beginning of February and show my progress.

What are your addictions???


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3 responses to “CLEANING HOUSE

  1. dude, I think this Christmas was the first time we’ve ever really had an empty freezer and pantry. And it felt pretty good. I grew up with an overly stocked freezer and pantry – filled with various dried Chinese things and Chinese sauces so I try not to keep my so filled.. but it still happens somehow and I always think it is such a waste. (sigh) we’re all guilty of it.
    but dude – you have A LOT of bottles in there!!!! vitamins and supplements, i assume? The best way to clean out a fridge/pantry is check expiration dates. once you do that, you free up a lot of room. It’s also funny when you find bottles and such that expired, like 3 years ago … oops. 😉


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