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Peter Rabbit Organics Collage

Have any of you caught-on to the fruit / veggie snacks in a pouch?

Last year at the Natural Products Expo West I tried Peter Rabbit Organics 100% pure fruit and veggie snacks and I was instantly converted. ¬†Prior to trying their product I tried other brands I saw in stores and was not impressed with the funky aftertaste that accompanied them which prompted me to look at the ingredients and see that they had citric acid in them as a preservative…and that made them taste a bit funky.

Peter Rabbit’s products seriously don’t have any aftertaste. ¬†They simply taste like what they are since they are 100% pure fruits and veggies with no preservatives. ¬†For over a year now I have kept a variety of Peter Rabbit squeeze pouches in the car as quick and easy snacks for the kids and I because (1) They are healthy and pure ¬†(2) They are shelf stable ¬†(3) They are low-calorie.

I tend to lean toward their veggie blends…my absolute favorite is the Sweet Potato, Corn, and Apple and my kids go nuts for their fruit blends.

Sili Squeeze Collage

The only thing I dislike about these products is the packaging…I hate all the waste. ¬†For that reason I was really excited to see a new product at the Natural Products Expo West this year that tackles this exact problem; a¬†REUSABLE¬†squeeze pouch!!!!!!!!!! ¬† Yay to the people at Sili Squeeze for bringing this product to the market. ¬†While I wished they were a little less expensive (They range from $13.99-15.99), I love this product.

Stay tuned for more fun finds from Expo West…


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