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For some reason all of the organic romaine I have been buying from the store has been going limp really quickly lately.  I eat A LOT of romaine, so I needed to find a solution to this problem.   I found a really easy fix…

Cut the base off of the romaine, and stick it into a large beer mug (mine are from Crate & Barrel) filled with high quality filtered water (the same way you would put flowers in a vase).  It is crucial that you use high quality water since the romaine (or whatever lettuce you will be using) will drink it up and as a result so will you!

Leave the lettuce in its vase out on the counter if you plan on using it that day or put it into the fridge.  You will be shocked by how quickly it crisps-up.  I took these pictures yesterday and within the span of an hour my romaine was better than ever.


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