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I am constantly contacted by companies wanting me to try their products.  At the infancy of Veggie Grettie I jumped at the chance to try any and every product, however over a year and a half later I have become MUCH more choosy.  One, because I don’t want to waste food and two, because I am very picky about what I eat and what my children eat.

When the creators of Mini Pops contacted me I was excited to know that sorghum pop”corn” was making its way in to the market.  A few years ago while watching Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern visited a tribe in Africa (I believe ) and they popped sorghum grain for him.

Immediately after the show I went on the web, found an online source of the grain, and placed my order.  A few days later my family and I were popping sorghum on the stove.  Fun stuff!  The sorghum pops are like miniature popcorn; tiny, cute, and yummy.

While I was happy to see this fun popped grain headed to stores, I was hesitant to accept Mini Pop Inc.’s offer to sample their goods until I did some research and discovered that they have really done a good job nutritionally.  Their snacks are both LOWFAT and LOW SODIUM along with being Organic, Gluten-Free and Non-GMO!  Hurray for Mini Pops…a snack company that is putting HEALTHY snack foods out there!!!

According to Mini Pops:

“Compared to corn, sorghum grain has fewer calories, less fat and less sodium.  It has more protein, more calcium, more iron, and comparable fiber.  Plus, Mini Pops lack those popcorn hulls that get caught in the gums.”

Mini Pops sent me the following flavors:


When I opened the bags I was shocked with how full they were.  Usually when you open a purchased bag of popcorn, chips, etc. you only get half of a bag.  These bags were so full that after tasting them I had trouble putting my clip on since they were still so full (That’s a GOOD problem in my book).  When I buy something I like to get a good amount for my money.

I enjoyed the flavors, but wished they had a heavier hand in seasoning them.  If forced to choose I would say that my favorites were the Nano Pepper and Herb along with the Subatomic Sea Salt.

Overall, I am impressed with this snack.

To learn more about Mini Pops and see the other flavors in their line-up (not all of them are vegan) CLICK HERE.


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