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End of Summer, Grain-Free?, & BIG NEWS!!!

It has been a busy few weeks.  The kids and I made the trek up to my parent’s house in Santa Cruz for our Nana and Papa time.  We had a lot of fun at the Boardwalk, exploring new beaches, and hiking to the amazing natural pool pictured above (It is called the Garden of Eden).

We also took a ride on the Roaring Camp Railroad which I hadn’t done in years.  The picture below is of my kiddos and parents on the railroad.

We headed from my parent’s house straight over to my sister and brother-in-law’s house near Tahoe for some serious cousin time before the school year and crazy schedules began.

We had a fantastic time and capped it all off with some tubing on Lake Tahoe (That’s my sister and I below…we screamed like little girls!) before making the LONG roadtrip home (It was so worth it).

Prior to going on the trip I had just finished my 80-10-10 trial and was all gung-ho to continue eating grain-free.  I managed to do so through our stay at my parent’s house and then began eating grains at my sister’s house.  Guess what…I felt great!  No bloating, no problems.  I did remain gluten-free though.  Maybe my body just needed a reset and the 80/10/10 did that for me.

Bottom line, I plan on eating what feels right (vegan and gluten-free…with the exception of some egg whites from time to time), and I will play the grain thing by ear.  I don’t feel like restricting myself or labeling myself grain-free.  When I want them and they digest well, I will have them.

AND now the BIG NEWS.  We have a new member of our family.

Meet “Dug.”

Could my kids possibly be MORE excited???  To be fair, my grin was just as big.

Dug will be 11 weeks old on Wednesday and is seriously the cutest Goldendoodle we have ever seen (Think we are biased???)

We are so in love and thrilled that he is rounding out our family.

Off to potty-train…


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