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So, I have had the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Tablet for nearly a week now and my family LOVES it.  It seems as though everyone has been playing keep away with the tablet, so I haven’t gotten as much time with it as I would like.  As I imagined, it did take some getting used to since my fingers are so familiar with the iPad.

I wasn’t sure what my kids would think of the Windows 8 platform, but they seem to have really taken to it.  When I asked my 12 year old if he preferred the iPad or the Windows 8 tablet he replied…and I quote, “Dude…the tablet is sooooo much better!”  When I asked him why he said, “Uh Mom…(pause)…it is a computer and tablet in one…how can you not see that is light-years better???”

When I started playing around with it I was initially disappointed that there does not seem to be as many apps as the iPad has.  When I mentioned my disappointment to my son he asked me which apps I wished it had at which point he promptly downloaded my Nook reader to the desktop screen on the tablet and the problem was solved (those smart kids!).   UPDATE – Apparently I am an idiot…I was looking for the apps incorrectly…there IS a NOOK reader on the tablet (I am learning everyday!).

While I don’t see Vegin Out or Happy Cow on the tablet, there are quite a few vegan apps available.  I like having Happy Cow and Vegin Out handy when looking for restaurants in new areas.  Fortunately my phone takes care of that for me as would an internet search.

I thought I would share our 5 favorite things we have discovered about the tablet:

1.  The tablet is a computer and tablet in one

2.  My husband is able to stream the UCLA games to the tablet when they are not televised (something he could NOT do with the iPad and he is over the moon excited about that)

3.  Netflix is MUCH more user friendly on the tablet vs. the iPad.  i.e When I am watching a show and an episode is coming to an end, the next episode starts automatically.

4.  My husband was able to make it so I have access to the files from my actual laptop on the tablet meaning that I can actually write blog posts from the tablet and upload the pictures for the post from my laptop.  I tried to do this on the iPad and it was a real pain in the behind because I had to use Log Me In (not very user friendly).  Yay for the tablet!!!

5.  I love that the homescreen on the tablet scrolls through weather, top news, etc. and I can see all of that in one glance.

I have a feeling I have barely scratched the surface with the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Tablet.  I can’t wait to read Beer & Beans blog post about the 5 Essential (Free) Windows 8 Tablet Apps.

Apparently Intel has also released a new Fujitsu device for business users that sounds pretty cool too.  You can check out the video HERE.


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  1. cmb0096

    “1. The tablet is a computer and tablet in one”

    Sorry, this may be a dumb question, but isn’t the ipad a computer and tablet in one too? I have an ipad for work, and as far as I can tell, it is a computer too, isn’t it?


    • My iPad doesn’t work as a computer would. The tablet actually has a desktop that is JUST like my computer. With a quick tap of your finger the screen changes and looks just like the desktop on your computer.

      I am not sure that I am explaining myself well, but there is a big bonus to having this on the tablet.

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