Pinterest continues to inspire me to be more creative around the house.  I decided to update the large candle display on my kitchen island for Fall and wanted something that would work for both Halloween and Thanksgiving (BEFORE is the picture on the left, AFTER is to the right).

Originally I was going to use candy corn (better to decorate with than to EAT), but ultimately decided that corn would be the better and more natural choice.

I am happy with my inexpensive display and appreciate that fact that once Christmas rolls around, I can remove the corn, pop it, and make popcorn garland for the tree.

Since taking the picture above I put some Fall fabric under the pumpkins and it looks great.  I am considering adding some of the gorgeous leaves from outside as well.


What have you done to decorate for Fall?


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3 responses to “FALL CANDLE DISPLAY

  1. that looks fabulous!!! and I have seriously done NOTHING to decorate for halloween, thanksgiving, etc. I think in large part because I need to clean out and re-organize the garage. I feel like it will be such a pain to get to the box that I haven’t even thought about doing it. But thanks for reminding me to get off my tush and feel the love of the holiday season!!! xoxo

    • I know what you mean. I cleaned out one of our big closets a few weeks ago and it seriously took me 5 days to do it…sheesh! It is all organized now, but I still want to do some more work on it to make it pretty.

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