I have been going bananas for YONANAS.  A few months ago I learned about Yonanas through the Dole newsletter.  I looked into the product and when I learned it was only around $50 I thought I would give it a whirl (I was NOT sent this product to review…I paid for it myself).

I adore this product.  It takes frozen fruit and turns it into ice cream!  Bananas and mangoes tend to come out the creamiest, but all of the frozen fruits I try turn into a yummy AND healthy frozen treat.

I have even been known to eat Yonanas for breakfast…why not…it is only fruit!  I used Yonanas A LOT during my 80/10/10 Diet trial.

Have any of you tried Yonanas?


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13 responses to “YONANAS

  1. wow – that looks totally amazing!!! but such a funny name! 🙂

  2. Yonanas is awesome. My only problem with it is the screechy grinding noise it makes when you turn it on! The “ice cream” that comes out is incredible, though. I bought one for my in-laws actually!

    • So true Jeff…it is definitely loud (though my family is used to loud around here between my Vitamix and juicer!). I wished they had a slightly more “industrial” version because I used it at a party recently and it was struggling after about the 6th kid.

  3. Walker

    Is it really better than a blender?

  4. Hi Gretchen, I love ths machine for making 1-2 servings, but any more thn that you really need to use the Champion juicer.

  5. Haven’t heard of Yonanas, but sounds like an awesome concept! P.S. – your version of my peach ice cream looks so good! And glad you had a good time looking through my blog for SRC =)

  6. You have a Vitamix too, right? How would you say it compares? Is it worth the extra purchase? Doesn’t it basically do the same thing as the vitamix? I have been eyeing it too, but I wasn’t sure how it would compare…

    • I do have a Vitamix and I love it, however there is something about the Yonanas that makes the texture amazing…it is like air is mixed in or something (very technical description, I know) and it gets fluffy and creamy like ice cream vs. just emulsified.

  7. I’m still highly skeptical of the yonanas machine since it seems like an easy job for any food processor, but there is something to be said for the convenience factor. The best machine is one that you’ll actually use, after all.

  8. I have a Champion Juicer that works the same way as the Yonanas (masticating blades.) A food processor, other juicer, or blender would make a sorbet-consistency product, but the Yonanas (and Champion) homogenize the fruit so it’s a cream-consistency product (like soft-serve ice cream.) The difference is like the difference between ice milk and a DQ soft serve.

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