Mangoes rank right up there with dark chocolate in my book.  I will happily eat any and all varieties of mangoes, but Champagne mangoes are insanely delicious this time of year. One of my favorite after dinner snacks is a bowl of frozen diced mango.  I am always amazed by how creamy plain frozen mango is and the last time I sat down with a bowl of them inspiration struck…these need to be popsicles!!! There is no point in even writing down this recipe because there is nothing in these bad boys other than 100% pure mango. Remove the skin, dice-up the mangos, place them in your Vitamix, and puree until smooth as silk.  Pour the mango puree into popsicle molds and freeze overnight. Looks like I found a new after dinner treat! Click HERE to see some super fun popsicle molds…I think I need to get some more. ..  Please note that I am a Vitamix affiliate…and I wholeheartedly endorse the use of their wonderful product.


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  1. Loving the shape of those pops! They’re so much fun, and the inherently creamy flesh of mango makes for such wonderful frozen treats, too.

  2. Lee Ann Bollinger

    These look awesome!! Definitely trying!

  3. Your ice pop molds are adorable! Great way to showcase the fresh and tropical flavors of mangoes.

  4. I love mangoes! Unfortunately, we can’t get good ones out here. :/
    I love it!..popsicles that look like ice cream!!!

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