UPDATE – Organic Food Made in China?


30 minutes after posting the news story last week about Whole Foods and the possibility that some of their organics were made in China, I found a response from Whole Foods and updated my post.  If you have not had a chance to read their response, click HERE.

I learned from one of my readers that the original news story aired in 2008, so I had a feeling that A LOT had changed since then.  My friend Chef AJ, who does a lot of wonderful work with Whole Foods, saw my post and contacted Whole Foods to get some more information.  I have since learned directly from Whole Foods that “Since the summer of 2010, the only frozen vegetables we source from China are our 365 edamame. We have great confidence in our vendors in China, and we take great steps in verifying those suppliers, the same as ALL our suppliers. Please look at our blog…(click HERE to see it)”

I want to reiterate that  I am a HUGE supporter of Whole Foods and do a lot of my shopping at their store.  I wholeheartedly believe in their business and all of the good that they do for their employee’s health and the health of the general public.  Whole foods has revolutionized healthy grocery shopping.

In my opinion, the two most important “take-aways” from all of this are:

1.  ALWAYS listen to both sides of any story

2.  Pay attention to where your food comes from.  Turn the package over and if you are not comfortable with what you see, contact the company directly and give them a chance to share their side of the story with you.


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7 responses to “UPDATE – Organic Food Made in China?

  1. flyingcheeses

    Thanks for the update and lessons learned take-aways. I almost shared your original post until I saw that the news story was from 2008 and then I had second thoughts, especially after reading WF original response. But still wondered whether or not they were still importing from China, which prompted my original post. Thanks again for the update.

    Now to get a campaign going to get rid of those annoying vegetable and fruit stickers 😉

    • Thanks for alerting me to the fact that the story was from 2008. While watching it I remember thinking that some of the clothing looked a little out of date…I should have investigated further.

  2. Thanks for looking into this!

  3. This is awesome, thank you for posting this!

  4. bianca

    I wish that were true..I looked at the other frozen foods available and they were made in China as well. I have been a shopper there for ten years and can’t believe a store I trusted to provide healthy foods

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