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I have been eating GoMacro macrobars for YEARS!  I think the first time I ever tried one was over a decade ago.  First off they taste amazing, and secondly the ingredients are so simple and there is nothing unrecognizeable in them.  I was recently sent a tray of their GoMacro minis (mini versions of their full bars) to try and there were lots of flavors that were new to me.

Just check out the nutrition information / ingredients in the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bar (my favorite):

Go Macro Nutrition Info

I especially love these bars for endurance athletic events or hikes.  I would much rather get my energy from these bars than from a gu of sorts and there is an awesome ratio of fats / carbs / proteins versus being purely carbs.

I am particularly partial to GoMacro’s Protein Pleasure (PB choc chip), Protein Replenishment (peanut butter), Sweet Rejuvination (cashew butter), Protein Paradise (cashew caramel), and Balanced Goodness (granola and coconut).  I can honestly say that I like all of their flavors (they have 11 flavors in all) with the exception of Prolonged Power (banana and almond butter)… I am generally not a fan of banana products and only like ACTUAL bananas or banana bread, so I am not really sure that I am the best judge of that.  In addition to those mentioned above, they have:

  • Protein Purity (sunflower butter and chocolate)
  • Wholehearted Heaven (almond butter and carob)
  • Sweet Revival (sesame butter and dates)
  • Sunny Uplift (cherries and berries)
  • Morning Harvest (apples and walnuts)

The texture of the bars is very similar to a caramel…soft and chewy.  These bars are not dry like a lot of other bars out there nor are they chalky like many vegan protein products tend to be (win, win).

gomacro-table-1GoMacro also prides their products on being:

  • Organic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Non-Gmo
  • Soy-Free






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